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Joyce and her team of home care experts have developed tools and resources based on evidenced-based best practice to assist agencies in specific areas of concern. The programs are applicable to the 3 major home care customers: the agencies, the clinical staff and the independent therapist.

SCHS has the answers if you are asking questions such as those below…

Agency Leadership

  • Has the delivery of our Rehab services changed in response to the demands of changes in reimbursement and the demands of customers?
  • Is an in-house rehab program the most cost effective, efficient delivery system?
  • What challenges do we face with outsourcing rehab delivery?
  • Do our MD/referral sources have unique care delivery needs

Clinical Staff

  • Are we getting the maximum reimbursement from the use of the OASIS tool?
  • Is our patient getting the most comprehensive, interdisciplinary plan of care?
  • Are our field clinicians therapists in particular, confident in their application of OASIS training?
  • How does the organization define patient experience?
  • What are our customers saying?

Independent Therapists

  • Do my HHCAPS scores reflect the quality of the services I deliver?
  • Whether a therapist sees one patient or 20 are your therapists Home Care Rehab Experts?