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Joyce Boin

Joyce Ryan PT, MA, the principal of SHCS, is a recognized leader within the health care and the senior living industries. Throughout her career she has held national and regional leadership positions within large organizations such as the Rush System for Health, Marriott Senior Living, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. and Advocate Health Care System. Her passionate dedication to providing the optimum clinical care experience for every patient has been the foundation of every professional endeavor. In her roles as an educator, National Regional Director of Rehab, Senior Living Executive Director or Home Care Director, Joyce has demonstrated success in the blending of her clinical expertise with a strong business acumen resulting in the development of unique, program-development solutions to complex challenges.

Joyce identified that her own rehab profession has been slow to respond to the on-going changes affecting home care agencies. As a Director of a large system home care agency, she experienced first-hand the gaps between the current rehab delivery system and what needs to be done to meet the extensive regulatory and fiscal constraints being exerted on home care. These gaps in consistency within communication, training, documentation and care delivery  led Joyce to develop the programs now offered through SHCS. Joyce and her resource team look forward to helping the customers of home care assess and implement the changes necessary to meet the demands of this constantly changing industry.

Joyce holds her BS in Physical Therapy from St Louis University. She has a Masters in the Arts with a focus on education from Northwestern University. And she initiated her work toward an MDA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. She has been an active member of various professional organizations over her career, including APTA, IPTA, IHHC Joyce has also presented and published her work in program development, home care and TEAM development.