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Illinois HomeCare & Hospice Council. 5/22/2017.

How SHCS can assist home health agencies 

Nation’s First Home Care Association  2017, Issue 10 May 22, 2017

Vendor Spotlight: Strategic Health Care Solutions, LLC

Those of you who attended the Annual Conference sessions called “Rehab Services: Are They Adapting to Your Needs” will be happy to know that the company that presented the session is expanding its services to fully address the needs of home health agencies, including a new approach called “SMART Therapy.”

Strategic Health Care Solutions, LLC offers best practice, measureable and concrete strategic solutions to many of the challenges home care agencies are facing during these current challenging times. While principal consultant, Joyce Boin, PT, MA has been a licensed physical therapist for over 35 years, Joyce says her varied professional leadership experiences have offered her the unique opportunity to see the home care world from a broad, long-range operational, financial and management view.  She blends her dedication to the rehab profession with an intimate understanding of the impact rehab has on the other areas of the home care business. SHCS was developed to assist home care agencies who recognize their rehab services cannot be delivered in a “business as usual” approach.  SHCS has the tools to provide answers to the critical question: “How do I adapt my therapy services to the current home care environment?”

“Our company assists home health agencies in four specific areas of concern — agency leadership, clinical staff, managing independent therapists, and our new evidence-based “SMART Therapy” approach,” says Boin.  “For company leaders, we address questions such as, ‘What challenges do you face with outsourcing rehab delivery and is your in-house rehab program the most cost effective, efficient delivery system?’  Regarding clinical staff, we ask ‘Are you getting the maximum reimbursement for the use of the OASIS tool and are your patients getting the most comprehensive, interdisciplinary plan of care?’

One of the questions for independent therapists is, ‘Do your HHCAPS scores reflect the quality of the services you deliver?’  And for the team: ‘Whether a therapist sees one patient or 20, are your therapists home care rehab experts?’  That is where our SMART Therapy tools and resources come in.  This industry needs consistency, reliability, quality … and good interdisciplinary communication.  Old solutions are no longer adequate.”

SMART Therapy modules include an overview of “WHY Rehab Delivery Needs to Change” and one on the “Patient Experience”. This series was developed as a resource for home care agencies, outside provider agencies and individual therapist to assess if their rehab service delivery is provided by a HOME CARE REHAB EXPERT. SHCS provides an assessment matrix to determine where you are in achieving that goal.

Joyce remains passionate in her dedication to seeing home care survive as a vital piece of the health care continuum and home care rehab remain an integral component of that care.

The expanding company’s new website will be available by the end of the June. Check IHHC’s Products and Services Directory for the website and more company details. Or call Joyce Boin, CEO, at 847 224 1584 to discuss how SHCS can help you. And ask her about the SHCS assessment matrix.

Home Health Care News – March 11, 2017

In this interview, Joyce Boin talks about the state of home health therapy services in the changing health care world.  “It’s no longer just about providing great care. Agencies need to ask themselves, what are our patients getting from us that’s different from down the street,” Boin said. “There needs to be a focus not just on clinical care but the patient experience at large.”

Read the full article here: http://homehealthcarenews.com/2017/03/how-home-health-can-boost-rehab-services/

Home Health Care News – April, 2017

In this interview, Joyce Boin and Professor Andrew Gallan, an assistant professor at DePaul University, talk about a collaborative project that studied the impact of patient engagement.

The results of the project found that patients overall had very good relationships with their home health providers, but they were reluctant to talk about their emotional state.

“Home health providers did a very good job of delivering the actual care, but the relationships formed could have been better,” Gallan explained. “The caregivers could have been better active listeners. Something as small as putting away computers or tablets and taking a few extra minutes to ask a few more questions could help create a clearer picture of the patients’ emotional state.”

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