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Intro to Strategic Health Care Solutions

Strategic Health Care Solutions was created to support the customers of home care through these challenging, volatile times within the industry. As new pay for performance reimbursement models are implemented, operational adaptations must be made within the home care organizations. Home care agencies cannot continue with a “business as usual” approach and expect to achieve success in the outcome-based environment. Autonomous, independent clinicians cannot effectively function in the old world of home care, delivering visits in a vacuum, with little regard for a coordinated, comprehensive plan of care.  

Agency leadership, physicians, field staff and patients all recognize the need for change. The key question to ask is: “What can the customers of home care do to adapt to these new pressures when the response is,  “This is always how we’ve done it”? 

Agencies facing significant decline in revenue find it difficult to identify, develop and implement these changes internally. SHCS will provide concrete, measureable, impactful solutions to ensure the patients of home care always remain the primary focus.