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click here SMART THERAPY videos were produced to help home health agencies, therapy providers and independent therapists. The topics covered are intended to create HOME CARE REHAB EXPERTS. Below are a few excerpts. Contact SHCS to learn more about the subscription series and enhanced training opportunities.

see enter Interdisciplinary Communication

http://lokoli.com/?rtyt=site-de-rencontre-pour-ado-a-paris&cbd=99 In this episode Joyce Boin offers tips to improve communication and manage costs without cutting visits or negatively impacting care.

site de rencontre musulman international gratuit http://teentube.cz/?ertye=sitios-de-citas-santiago&0d2=59 Documentation

site de rencontre pour non fumeur In this episode Joyce Boin reminds viewers of the need to provide documentation that supports appropriate reimbursement.

http://thinkmaya.com/?biorer=rencontrer-une-fille-sur-facebook&a46=3d "Documentation should also be treated like a story… with a beginning, middle and end."

http://penizeamy.cz/friopre/7686 Volume vs Pay For Performance

In this episode Joyce Boin reminds viewers that the days when more visits meant more money are over.

The key question for the team in the past was, "How many visits do you expect to give?" Today it needs to be, "What do you anticipate as the outcome per visit."

follow site The Patient Experience

In this episode Joyce Boin shares key results from a Patient Experience Model developed in conjunction with the Beryl Institute. Survey results showed that patients are not “wowed” by expertly trained clinicians. Patients want to feel the clinician’s empathy and compassion before giving a 5 STAR rating.